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Indians make up 7% of the total Malaysian population. The available statistics confirms the number to be approximately 1.7 million.

In our midst we have 8 parties, both in government and opposition representing the Indian in the mainstream politics. In addition we have at least 300 registered Indian NGOs and another few hundred unregistered NGO’s serving the Indian community. The main NGO’s who are doing significant work with the Indian community are many such as Tamil Foundation, Educational Welfare Research Foundation (EWRF), CHILD, Sri Murugan Centre, DHRRA and others. Although in the last decade we have seen much so much of political and social activism amongst Indians, but the socio-economical standard has not improved as expected. The available statistics confirm significant increase in low passing rate, social problems and dropouts amongst Indian students. This invariably increases the incidence of crime amongst Indians. This fact is so evident, that one only has to browse the front page of local Tamil dailies. Our involvement with grass root based community work confirms that there was no concerted effort to investigate, analyze and find sustainable solution from bottom of the pyramid students (students with below average grades).

In the last few years, we realized that the problem faced by underachievers and school dropouts is bigger than what we assumed it to be. It was found that nearly 10,000 students are dropping out from school every year before reaching SPM! The Directors and promoters of MySkills Foundation therefore decided unless we have an organization solely dedicated to take care of the needs of the drop-out students and students who obtain below average grades, the future of under achievers going to be bleak. After lots of discussion with relevant and concerned groups who have been working with this category of students, we decided to promote skills training as the only available solution.

So we formed MYSKILLS FOUNDATION. MySkills is a Foundation sanctioned by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and the approval for the formation was given on 3rd March 2011.


To transform the lives of Youth in Crisis using the combination of powerful transformation model and market-relevant skills training

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MYSKILLS FOUNDATION is led by three Directors and three Promoters who have been active in public life.

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To set up One Stop Centre of Transformation for Youth in Crisis in Sungai Petani, Ipoh, Tampin and Kluang

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Why MySkills Foundation?

In Malaysia, millions have been spent to educate our youth. Despite the financial commitment we are still confronted on daily basis with issues of Youth in Crisis and all of its social costs. While the government has a programme in place for super and high achievers (even with all its shortcomings) there are no similar EFFECTIVE programme for underachievers and school dropouts even though they are the most aggrieved segment of the youth society. The main issue here is the absence of an EFFECTIVE TRANSITION PROGRAMME for underachievers and school dropouts to integrate into the main society through market relevant skills training that would ensure SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYMENT. We are advocating a tailor-made programme to bridge this two diverse world (the World of Education and the World of Work), which is essential to a successful transition.

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